We at Construction Clean have been working through these unprecedented times with all our current clients to ensure that we are keeping their workplaces sanitised and safe for all, and in fact, we have increased our customer base by adding new clients and is testament to the skill and dedication of our operations team who have been working tirelessly throughout lock-down.

Construction Clean is providing a deep cleaning service offering specialist Coronavirus sanitisation for all non-healthcare premises having suffered a confirmed case of COVID-19 or wishing to take precautionary measures.

We are sure that you have already looked at possible prevention measures and we are also sure that you would be looking to reassure your clients and staff, that you are doing everything you can to ensure that they are as safe as they can be when at work etc.

Construction Clean have a tried and tested system that can not only kill this virus but is able to be applied incredibly quickly and with no effect on anything within an office environment. ATP testing can be carried out to show the total efficacy of this product and its cleaner will destroy the current family of Coronavirus (including SARs), and by association the strain mentioned in the news, that is Coronavirus A.

We have been providing many of our clients and others, specialist sanitising services across the country. Unlike some, we are providing this at a reasonable cost and not the super inflated rates that we have heard about.

For any more information or an informal chat please get in touch we are always here and ready to help